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Wellness Center Near Me

Wellness Center

Have you ever wondered what the term "Wellness Center" actually means? The overall definition is a place that offers services to improve your mental and physical health. It could describe a skin care business, an acupuncture studio, or a day spa that offers yoga classes and massage therapy. The focus of all of these places is your health and wellness. Usually, the decor and atmosphere are soothing to reduce stress and increase your overall wellness. The goal is that you are able to leave your cares and concerns at the door and focus on your health and well-being. This is "me time".


At Chez Gabrielle: Health + Beauty, we offer massage therapy and reiki, both excellent stress reducers for  your body and mind. After your massage session, your therapist will suggest stretches and exercise so you can stay flexible until you return for your next massage. We also offer skin care, so that you can be your radiant self throughout your life. We use Dermalogica Products, which are plant based products without any artificial ingredients. Your esthetician will use professional Dermalogica products during your facial and suggest a home routine, which will allow you to continue to care for your skin until your next monthly facial. And finally, we offer waxing to remove unwanted hair from your face and body. 

We hope that you will visit us here at Chez Gabrielle: Health + Beauty. You'll find our staff welcoming and our atmosphere soothing. Our focus is on you and we customize our treatments to each and every client we see. No cookie cutter massages or facials at Chez Gabrielle! You can count on us to get to know you and take good care of your skin and body. 

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