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Waxing Near Me

  Waxing Near Me

If you know where you look, you can find a wellness center that provides quality waxing near me.. At Chez Gabrielle, we provide waxing services for both men and women. For women, we can do eyebrows, lip and chin, arms, underarms, full or partial leg, and full bikini or bikini line. For men, we do eyebrows, nose and ears, chest, full or partial back.
What are the benefits of waxing? You can shave at home, so why bother getting waxing done? There are many benefits to going to a wellness center for waxing from time to time. Benefits of waxing include smoother skin that lasts longer, fewer ingrown hairs, no nicks or cuts from shaving, no prickliness or itching, and less regrowth of hair. Besides all of these benefits, being pampered by an esthetician is always fun!
When shaving, you may get ingrown hairs. These are when hairs grow back into the skin, causing red bumps to appear. You can avoid these or get less ingrown hairs when you come in for waxing. Since hair is being pulled at the root instead of the surface, it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Cuts and nicks are altogether avoided when you get your skin waxed. Since waxing removes hair from the root, the hair follicle will weaken over time, growing finer hair.
Before you choose a wellness center to get your waxing, get feedback from previous customers and read reviews online to make sure you are going to a quality center. If you are looking for waxing near me in the San Bruno area, pay Chez Gabrielle a visit.