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Acupuncture & Wellness


Acupuncture Session

New Patient - $145/ 45 min

Returning Patient - $125/ 45min

Acupuncture is used to treat musculoskeletal pain, chronic illnesses, women’s health and aids in stress relief. New patients may take up to an hour.


Cupping Treatment - $60/ 15-20 min  

Cupping is a deep tissue release; it helps to increase new, healthy blood circulation to the area. Cupping is commonly felt as a deep tissue massage and is great for pain relief, stress reduction, and illness recovery.


KT Taping - $20/10 min

KT Tape is durable, elastic athletic tape that not only reduces muscle pain but can be used to facilitate lymph drainage and reduce swelling. KT tape can support areas of the body such as a pregnant woman’s belly in third trimester or her lower back. KT tape is versatile, non invasive way to treat hundreds of sports injuries.


Herbal Consultation & Prescription - $60 + Price of Herbs

Are you interested in coming in for an herbal prescription only? No problem! Herbal prescriptions are a great way to treat dis-ease states and bring our bodies back to homeostasis. They can be used to extend the benefits of an acupuncture treatment or work on their own to adjust our bodies imbalances. All herbal prescriptions are created at the time of seeing the patient and if refill is needed the patient must come back in for a reassessment to make sure the herbal treatments are still appropriate.

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