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Sports Massage

Sports Massage Near Me

Massage therapy is another service that Chez Gabrielle offers at their wellness center in San Bruno, CA. If you are looking for a deep tissue massage near me, check out getting a sports massage.
Massages have been practiced for thousands of years. There are 80 types of massages performed all over the world. Massage is a popular type of therapy that gives pain relief and relaxation to the individual getting the massage.
A sports massage is a deeper type of massage than a traditional Swedish massage. It is designed for athletes who have sore or injured muscles. If you are planning to compete in a sport in the near future, your muscles and other soft tissue would benefit from having a sports massage before and after the event. A sports massage can heal injured muscles and other soft tissue, increase flexibility and prevent injuries.
A deep tissue massage is similar to a sports massage, but only focuses on one part of the body at a time. Slow strokes are used on specific muscles, tendons, and tissues located deep under the skin. A deep tissue massage is great for loosening knots in muscles and chronic areas of pain.
If you are thinking where a deep tissue massage near me is located, check out massages at Chez Gabrielle.