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Have you ever found yourself searching “waxing near me” only to be inundated by hundreds of options ranging from nail salons to lash studios? Chez Gabrielle: Health + Beauty is proud to connect you with waxologists who are specially trained and certified in hair removal.


We provide waxing services for both men and women. Some of the areas we work on include eyebrows, lip, chin, underarms, legs, bikini, back, nose, and ears. Before choosing your waxing center, it’s important to research methods and materials. At Chez Gabrielle: Health + Beauty, we offer both soft and hard wax to maximize effectiveness for each part of the body. We combine specialized pre- and post-wax products to reduce discomfort and ingrown hairs. You’ll leave the spa feeling soft, smooth, and trim.


Waxing offers many benefits compared to other methods of hair removal. While shaving at home may be quick and convenient, you run the risk of cuts, itchiness, razor burn, and severe ingrown hairs as the blunt cut of the hair struggles to grow through the skin. When waxing, hair is pulled from the follicle underneath the skin which results in a longer hair-free period, and soft baby hair that is much easier to remove once it grows back. If you decide to make waxing your main method of hair removal, the repeated pulling of the hair from the root will weaken the follicle over time, growing finer hair.


Here are some useful tips for maximizing the results of your appointment:


  • Exfoliate! It’s best to exfoliate before your wax so the hair doesn’t struggle through dead skin when being pulled. After the post-wax tenderness has faded, you may keep exfoliating as it grows back to ensure the new hairs don’t get trapped under dead skin, thus creating ingrowns.

  • Wear loose and breathable clothing to your wax appointment as your skin may be very tender and sensitized after it’s finished.

  • Ladies! If you wait a week or two after your period to get waxed, it will hurt less. Prostaglandin levels are highest right before your period, which results in higher sensitivity and more swelling.

  • Stop using your retinoid products a at least a week before your wax appointment, as these products can cause the wax to lift more skin. This can lead to painful abrasions.

  • Calm post-waxing redness with by soaking a paper towel with a 1:1 mixture of milk and cold water and applying to the waxed area. The lactic acid in the milk will sooth the skin.


Here are some things to avoid:


  • For the first 48 hours after your wax, your skin is especially vulnerable to harsh UV rays. Steer clear of the sun or wear a strong SPF to avoid sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

  • Avoid public swimming pools, saunas, and hot yoga for a few days after your wax. Your newly vulnerable hair follicles can be more susceptible to infection if you partake in activities in warm, moist environments.

  • Wait a few days before getting a spray tan, as the chemicals is the tanning solution may irritate the skin. The difference in exfoliation in freshly waxed areas can cause the color to take unevenly.

  • Be gentle with your skincare. Opt for gentle, fragrance free products when using around waxed areas to lessen irritation.


We hope you’ll choose Chez Gabrielle: Health + Beauty as your wax provider. Your comfort and confidence is our passion!

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