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Have you ever had a Hot Stone Massage?

You’ve probably seen beautiful photos of women with hot stones on their backs like the one below when researching spa treatments. Maybe you’ve been intrigued but wondered how the stones come into play? Or whether they ever get too hot? These are all good questions.

When doing a hot stone treatment, I heat basalt river stones to 122 F using a professional clamshell heater. I apply oil to two stones, place them in my palms, and start the session by rubbing the warm stones down the muscles along both sides of your spine. This is both warming and relaxing and opens up your back for deeper work using the edge of the stone. Depending on where I find tension, I will use both the flat side and the edge of the stone to apply pressure into tight muscles and tendons. One particularly wonderful technique uses the edge of the stone to open up the area along and underneath the shoulder blade. Here’s a YouTube video that demonstrates exactly how that is done: Hot Stone Demonstration

When I leave your back to move on to your lower body, I do a little trick that allows me to be two places at once and gives you the whole body experience of warmth and relaxation. I cover your back with the sheet and place stones along your spine. The heat radiates through the sheet and continues to relax your muscles while I am working on your legs. I check and recheck with you to make sure the heat from the stones is in the "Goldilocks zone" — not too hot and not too cold.

Similarly, when you are lying on your back. I can put hot stones on your chest and belly to gently warm and relax you. They also feel great on your hands and feet, using both heat and pressure to open up your muscles and release tension. I invite you to request a hot stone treatment either for the full hour or as an add-on for a portion of your regular treatment. It's truly the perfect treatment as we head deeper into the winter months!

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